Individual Tax Returns

Choose Timothy R. Rossmiller for Individual Tax Preparation and Filing in Austin

While individual tax returns can be simple enough for some, there are plenty of instances where taxes become a complicated process for individuals and their families. If you are an individual tax payer who needs assistance in preparing and filing your taxes, our Austin, TX tax accountant can help. Timothy R. Rossmiller, CPA, PC handles the preparation of individual tax forms, regardless of how large or small the case.

Tax Preparation and Filing for Individuals in Austin, TX

We can help you make sense of your tax information for accurate filing. Bring us copies of your 1099s, 1098s, W2s, and mortgage interest statements and we’ll take care of the information processing and tax preparation.

We provide tax consultations for individual tax payers. During these meetings with our CPA, Timothy Rossmiller, we’ll take time to learn about your income and expenses, whether it relates to you alone, entire family or your small business. These one-on-one consultations allow us to learn as much as we can about your tax situation in order to maximize applicable deductions and avoid making errors on tax forms.

If you tried to take on tax filing by yourself last year and need a mistake corrected, we can prepare the amended tax return Form 1040X. All of our individual tax returns are electronically filed, for speedier review and acceptance by the IRS.

We handle all Tax Returns – from the Most Basic to the Most Complicated

The easiest tax return is typically for an unmarried individual who does not own a home. Upwards from there, tax preparation and filing becomes more complicated, especially when you factor in mortgages, charitable contributions, and other itemized deductions. Our Austin tax preparer specializes in individual tax preparation and can help you make sense of even the most complicated family tax return. Even if your tax preparation needs are simple, we’re here to help. We take the burden of tax preparation off of your shoulders.

Own a Business? We Prepare Taxes for Self-Employed Individuals

Self-employed individuals have more hoops to jump through at tax time, but you don’t have to tackle your taxes alone. Timothy R. Rossmiller, CPA, PC helps self-employed tax payers figure out their deductions, properly list their business expenses, and calculate the often-confusing home-office deduction. With professional tax help, you can feel confident that you’re providing the IRS with all of the information they need, while limiting your tax liability and staying compliant with tax regulations for individuals and home business owners.

Get the Help you Need for your Individual Tax Return

No one likes doing their taxes, but with tax help from Timothy R. Rossmiller, CPA, PC, you get access to tax preparation you can trust. Mr. Rossmiller has been helping individuals make sense of their tax returns for decades and can help you, your family, or your home business as well. Call our Austin tax accounting firm today for your consultation

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